The Raven: Lucas Vidal Interviews

 A couple of days after the Raven’s Premier, Lucas Vidal was interviewed by Teresa Garza about his new score for the film “The Raven”. 

Check out the spanish Interview “Latin Stories with a Hollywood Taste: Lucas Vidal and the Raven’s Music” and learn about Luca’s experience creating the score, his experience working with Director James McTeigue and how the process of creating the score begins.

Lucas believes that “Music can get to your heart without going through your mind”. He encourages all students who want to become Film Composers to go after their dreams, study and make it happen! “Education and willingness to learn from others are the most important things to have”.

For more details about the Raven’s music, why they chose a contemporary music style for a XIX century movie and what where the Director’s expectations, check this out “Spanish Composer Lucas Vidal adds Electronic Sounds to Allan Poe in The Raven”


One Response to “The Raven: Lucas Vidal Interviews”

  1. Thanks for sharing the story… Lucas es muy talentoso….
    Best regards.

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