Lucas Vidal writes musical script for “The Raven” – Soundtrack Review

Spanish composer Lucas Vidal provides the musical score for the new fictional thriller “The Raven,” which stars John Cusack as 19th century writer Edgar Allan Poe.

Click here to check Luca’s interview with Kiko Martinez, film critic and writer.

Click here to check The Raven Soundtrack Review


8 Responses to “Lucas Vidal writes musical script for “The Raven” – Soundtrack Review”

  1. Rodrigo Andrade Says:

    Is the classical music during the mask ball from Lucas Vidal ? It’s beautiful but it seems is not part of the movie soundtrack.

  2. what is the song he wrote while Poe and Emily are dancing? i love that piece but don’t know the name. Any help would be great.

  3. Rudy Geneva Says:

    Hello. I am also looking for this beautiful classical piece entitled “Album for the young, OP.39, No. 9 Waltz” composed by Tchaikovsky but re-arranged for the The Raven movie by Lucas Vidal. It plays when Edgar Poe is dancing with Emily during the masked ball but is not on the soundtrack. Might you also be able to email me this mp3 to Thank you kindly! Rudy Geneva

  4. Hi. I am also searching for the classical piece played at the masked ball. If anyone has found out where to purchase it please let me know. Thank you

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