“Cold Light Of Day” Behind the Scenes – Abbey Road Studios

Check out this cool video where Lucas is recording the Music Score for “The Cold Light Of Day”.

If you want to watch more, visit us at MUMOPRODUCTIONS


One Response to ““Cold Light Of Day” Behind the Scenes – Abbey Road Studios”

  1. falcomadol Says:

    I saw the Eighth Layer last night at the Boston Opera House, and I wanted to congratulate Lucas on a fantastic and moving work. NEC Philharmonic brought so much energy to the production and Yury Yanowsky’s choreography was breathtaking.

    Hopefully we’ll get to see more ballet pieces from Lucas in the future, it was definitely the centerpiece of a night otherwise devoted to exploring the development of pre-professional dancers, but it would have been quite at home with Sharper Side of Dark, Polyphonia, or paired with more traditional short ballets in one of BB’s full productions.

    The Coplinesque sense of optimistic grandeur, power and open spaces reminded me of the feeling of a summer breeze driven before the thunderstorms that come eastward across the flat lands in Northern Illinois.

    Thank you so much.

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